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Vegan Zentangle | Printable Adult Coloring Book Page |

A vegan Zentangle? Oh yes, we did. Zentangles are all the rage these days. Adult coloring books are lining shelves in even the most unlikely places, like… the grocery store? Yup. I’ve seen it. And to tell you the truth, I’m not at all surprised.

As a species, we’ve worked ourselves into such a frenzy of hustle, bustle, and go-go-go that the very idea of taking 10 minutes to sit down and worry about nothing is enough to get us to throw down a ten dollar bill at the register and walk out with a book that looks like it’s meant for an 8-year-old. 

The concept is simple. Zentangles provide a structured but peaceful outline that can inspire those who pick it up to take a few moments for themselves, to relax, and to tap into that creative side of their brain that has probably been neglected for waaay too long.

We’re all about relaxing the mind and spirit here at World of Vegan, especially after all the awful things so many of us have been witness to. It’s a heavy weight to carry, knowing what’s happening in factory farms and to our one and only planet. But breathe deep and take some time to let that all go….

To help you out, we made you a printer-friendly vegan Zentangle that’s sure to help you find your zen. Print it out and then shut that computer, turn off that endlessly buzzing phone, grab some markers or color pencils, and enjoy the soothing process of coloring.

Vegan Zentangle | Printer-Friendly Adult Coloring Book | #vegan #art #zentangle #mandala

Click here to open the downloadable printer-friendly vegan Zentangle PDF. 

Just be careful…you might get hooked! But not to worry, if you fall in love with Zentangles the way so many others have, there are plenty of books waiting for you.

More Vegan Zentangles, Please!

I haven’t found many other vegan-specific Zentangles out there, but these adult coloring books are especially beautiful and oh-so-calming:


Vegan Zentangle Adults Colouring Page | World of Vegan | #colouring #mindfulness #stress #activity #vegan #worldofvegan

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