School Lunchbox Ideas for Vegan Kids

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Make Healthier Choices & Save Money

Choosing vegan doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, and a great way to show that is by packing delicious school lunches! Plus, packing your own lunch can help you save money and make healthier choices. This video showcases three vegan lunchbox ideas, but the options are limitless.

Even if you have a cheap place to get your lunch every day, the cost adds up. Buy yourself a pretty lunch box set, and it will last years. Making healthier choices becomes a reality when you are prepared. So start prepping!

Vegan School Lunches

Packing school lunches can get a bit tricky when you have to do it so often. It can get very monotonous! Some kids can be picky, so we tend to pack the same foods every day but, let me tell you: this is the best opportunity to get them to try new things! Being around friends gives kiddos the courage to give “new” a shot.

Every week is a chance for them to try something new. Add some fresh veggies or different fruits, some roasted chickpeas (roast them with maple syrup and soy sauce, yum!). Beware of nuts though, some schools are very strict with their “no nut” policy, and it’s better to avoid any allergic reactions incidents.

Prep & Get the Kids Involved!

A great tip is to batch cook some snacks on Sunday and have them ready for the week. Make a batch of hummus, energy balls or bars, or even divide nut portions ahead of time. Anything to save you time during the stressful week, right?

You can buy certain staples in bulk, like seeds, dried fruits, grains, and legumes. Get yourself some extra budget and some spare time. Thanks, vegan lunchbox!

What about asking the kids to help you out? Kids love being involved in preparing food! Not only they enjoy the process, but they get to choose a few snacks. I can promise you if they actively prepare their lunches they will be more likely to eat them. Make it a Sunday afternoon ritual! You’ll thank yourself later.

Easy Vegan Lunchbox Ideas

 Main Meals:

  • Tofurky or veggie sandwich
  • Pasta marinara
  • Grilled vegetables over rice
  • Burrito
  • Chili
  • Salad with garbanzo beans, corn, avocado, and croutons


  • Sliced veggies with hummus
  • Chips and guacamole
  • Nuts, seeds, and dried fruit
  • Energy bars (like Clif or Lara bars)

A Sweet Touch:

  • Colorful berries
  • Sliced apple
  • Single-serving peanut butter packet
  • Dried or dehydrated fruit

More Vegan Kiddo Ideas

Looking for more ideas to create the best plant-powered experience for your kids? Don’t miss out on these:

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